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In Chinese

The first page of a chinese translation of the Burda. It contains the first line and the meter it is to be recited in! SubhanAllah.

The Burda - intro and translation

Here you will find an introduction to the Burda and its author, Imam al-Busairi as well as an English translation. There is also a link to hear some sections recited.


The publishers responsible for the wonderful edition of the Burda featuring Shaykh Hamza, Sidi Mohammed Zakariyya and the Fez Singers. Lots of interesting material on the pages including audio samples and translations of the Burda into Russian, Turkish and Spanish.

More manuscripts

Manuscripts: in Spain, Alexandria, France (?)
Click on the picture to see a clear close up of the pages.

The Burda (in Arabic)

Here is the entire poem in Arabic.

Informacion sobre el-Burda (en espanol)

Some information on the Burda, in Spanish.

Traduccion al-Burda en Espanol

From Yemen

Here is the complete Burda sung by the group Ahbab al-Mustafa from Yemen. This site (in Arabic) has many other beautiful nashids, hadras and athkar.

Each chapter is listed separately, there are ten chapters in all.

Fez Singers - Chapter 1

Here is the first chapter of the Burda sung by the world famous Fez singers.

please remember them and their families in your duas.

From Morocco

From the amazing site,, comes this rendition of the Burda.

Enjoy and please make dua for Imam al-Busairi, the singers, people at Deenport and the Ummah.

Documentary on the recording of the Burda

For many of us the first version of the Burda we heard was the Moroccan version, either live in Zaytuna or on the CD set Shaykh Hamza worked on. Here is documentary on the making of this extraordinary production.

Manuscript of the Burda

Here is a picture of a manuscript of the Burda that is available in the Czech Republic; the page show is the opening chapter.

Praise of the Prophet peace be upon him

Some people wonder why spend some much time and energy on praising the Prophet peace be upon him. One of the most beautiful pieces on it was done by Sidi Aftab Malik, please take a quiet moment to listen and reflect.

Welcome and enjoy

May Allah bless you all and fill your lives with Light and love, especially the love of His beloved Prophet Muhammed peace be upon him.

Many of us have been blessed to live a moment with the Burda and as it provides an amazing chain of connection across the Muslim world, the thought came to create a place to gather together information on it and various renditions of it.

Enjoy and please share the site with others.

And lastly, please remember the Ummah in your duas,